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5 out of 5 stars.

The Cooking Studio of Fort Collins via iTunes: “Wine education at its best!” Sometimes learning about wines feels overwhelming – there are so many varieties and nuances! Steph and Val are not only experts, but the kind of experts that help the rest of us learn about and enjoy all wines. And they make [it] fun. This is a GREAT show! Thanks for doing it Steph and Val. (May 2017)

Genobigia via iTunes Italy: “Fun and Informative” This is my favorite blend of serious (winegeek) information couched in relaxing banter. This is a very clever balance and not easy to achieve: imperceptibly educational – and Val and Stephanie are two people I’d love to sit and drink a glass of wine with. Great info and great crack. (Dec 2016)

T2000MT via iTunes: “Seriously fun and educational” Listening to Val and Stephanie is captivating and educational! They provide a great history of wine and other alcohol along with modern trends and resources. Definitely recommend giving them a listen. (Dec 2016)

Side Hustle Wino via iTunes: “Best Podcast on the Subject of Wine” These two ladies use the word edu-tainment to describe their Podcast and it is the perfect descriptor. The show is always full of great information and is always entertaining. I highly recommend this podcast! Cheers! (Oct 2016)

Kenya Johnson at Wicks and Wines on our Libsyn site for Episode 67, “Ladies you rock I loved this episode. Cheers. “ (Aug 2016)

Education and Fun – Wine-to-Five via iTunes: “These gals are the bomb! Highly knowledgeable, they make wine (learning about it or not) fun. Love the guest component. My wine world is expanded with tidbits, factoids, serious wine education and lots of laughs each week.” (Feb 2016)

Bike-to-Wine via Libsyn (Episode 43): Stephanie and Val bring such a great mix of knowledge, experience, exposure to new wines and regional varietals, interesting factoids, laid-back fun, and a much needed sense of wine community for those of us who are mesmerized by the infinite possibilities of the grape, especially when paired with food and friends! Wishing you the best, and keep the fun coming! (Feb 2016)

WyoGirl79 via iTunes: “Wine O’clock” What a great podcast!! These gals are so much fun AND informative!! (Feb 2016)

TSPArusty via iTunes:  “Entertaining!” Love these two ladies! They are always fun to listen to and make wine education very entertaining!” (Feb 2016)

Janet Adams: Massimo you are the man! I lift a glass to the three of you. ‘Live the Wine’ Look forward to trying some of the wines mentioned. They fit my 2016 challenge. Cheers!! (Jan 2016)

Experience Collector via iTunes: “Got Wine? How about 30 minutes or less for a great podcast?”  After 36 episodes these classy ladies are just getting warmed up! Who knew that 30 minutes could be so fun and enlightening? From their great stories and factoids, to their wonderful guests Val and Steph keep you thirsty and laughing each episode. What a great way to make that commute fly by! Keep up the great work ladies! Cheers!
(Dec 2015)

CO Photobug via iTunes: “Simply fabulous!  “Do you enjoy wine and spirits but wish you knew more? Val and Steph’s entertaining, bubbly style will increase both your knowledge and enjoyment of wine. These ladies have serious industry credentials and will not lead you astray. They are a joy to listen to, so do yourself a favor and check out their podcast! Cheers!” (Nov 2015)

Ricchiuti via iTunes: “The show is wonderfully casual, riveting and so much fun. I realize how much I love wine listening to this banter.These are conversations professional and novice drinkers should not miss. Thank you for sharing your love!” (Nov 2015)

Mommies Time Out via iTunes: “Happiness in a cup!” As a lover of laughter, learning, and ladies who drink wine, this podcast fulfills all of my needs! These two offer wine history, current trends in the industry, and educated recommendations packaged in a funny and entertaining conversation. This is my favorite to listen to on long car rides, while getting ready in the morning, and of course, while winding down from a long day with a nice glass of wine in my hand. What a great escape! I would highly recommend this to the sommelier in training, the party planner, and the busy mom who wants nothing more than to hang with the gals and have a glass of wine, but doesn’t have the time or energy to leave the couch after a long day. And guys, if you want to impress your lady, hang out with these two for a while and you will be sure to get a second date! (Oct 2015)

Shelly Bond via iTunes: “Love these two!” Great show with lovely ladies and love hearing wine talk! Steph not only brings the fun and personality to the show she follows it with a punch of info pact factoids! Val is a fountain of wine information, she brings it close to every day life with a solid wine background! Everyone could use a little “Wine Two Five” in their lives!” (Oct 2015)

Fhartz via iTunes: “Wine Two Five” Every episode is like popping a bottle of bubbles!! I enjoy the refreshing content of Steph and Val’s topics! They are knowledgeable about wine and I look forward to the weekly episodes. Cheers ladies!! (Oct 2015)

WineNewbie1 via iTunes: “Love this show!” Steph and Val bring a new light to wine and other spirits! For people looking for a little insight, education or some fun facts Wine-Two-Five is a great show! Thanks, ladies — a joy to listen to you both!” (Sep 2015)

CAJazz via iTunes: “Wine-Two-Five #23” Another fun educational and entertaining episode. Enjoyed learning about Gary and his ‘ready to drink’ packaging. A great concept and needed product for us wine drinkers, especially us active, on the go travelers! Will be following Gary and his product. I wish him the best! Learned of wine movies I was not aware of and look forward to checking them out. Movie nights with wine and friends is always a good time. Some new learning from the Dom Perignon factoid. A great contribution! (Sep 2015)

Terroir via iTunes: “Smart, funny, educational.” Been listening to these ladies since the beginning and they are as legit as they come. Both Steph and Val bring a vast amount of knowledge about all things wine. They always have keen insight into whatever they’re talking about and manage to keep it all under 30 minutes. Prost to my favorite CWE’s out there. (Jul 2015)

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