Episode 99: Italy Flashback! Winery Tour With Steph While We Were at PME17

Episode 99: Italy Flashback! Winery Tour With Steph

While Val and Steph are still soaking up the Florida sun, you are invited to a private winery tour in Italy at Scacciadiavoli with Steph! You get to hear about chasing the devils, while we get back to drinking like superheroes – or heroines.



During this recording we were thoroughly enjoying being together as superheros of wine, soaking up some sun, and meeting other podcasters! We brought this episode to you from the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, FL, in between sessions at Podfest #PME2017. Besides being inspired by these celebrity podcasters  … we are inspired by this wine… POW! Yes, the cork actually says “Pow” on it.

In Our Glasses:

We are both enjoying Day #2 of the 2014 Heroine Sonoma Valley Chardonnay from Iconic Wines. In our W25 GoVino glasses!

Also, must own confess that we enjoyed several other bottles in our hotel villa during our brief stay as well …

So while we get back to drinking learning how to be better podcasters, we’ve got a little treat for you!


Italy Flashback: Scacciadiavoli Winery Tour With Steph!








We’ve been holding on to something special for you guys … some material that we thought would be needed right at the right time. Today is that day.

Have we got you on the edge of your seat? Well go get a refill of wine for this… and sit back while you take a trip to Umbria on a private winery tour of Scacciadiavoli with Steph.



Copper Yuenger – podcaster from Life Under The Laundry Pile

Heather Ash – podcaster from her show The Happiness Mama

Dr. Ryan Gray – podcaster and man behind MedEdMedia network – The Medical School Headquarters

Lian Dolan – on of the hosts of Satellite Sisters (yes, the NPR show from the early 2000s!)

Amanda Doughty – from her podcast Great Beer Adventure

Jennifer Briney – podcaster from Congressional Dish

We also met Jen from The Jelly Vision Show! We were so happy to find she’s actually one of our listeners and totally didn’t mean to leave her out of the shoutouts.


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