Episode 95: Wine Label Bottle Babble With the Side Hustle Wino (Show Notes, Links, Goodies!)

This week our final 2016 #W25Challenge winner and newly minted CSW, Cathie Schafer, joins the W25 party from Georgia! Also known as the Side Hustle Wino, Cathie lays some fresh perspective and poetic wine culture juju on us with respect to wine labeling. We get into “the weeds” (ha ha), draw a winner for our monthly Patreon giveaway, and even dig up factoid about King Tut’s wine. Everyone learned something in this episode and we’re sure you will too!

Cathie Schafer, CSW, is the Side Hustle Wino here with us today!

We did talk a bit about Luna, as Steph and Val are both huge animal lovers. Cathie mentioned we could see her on twitter, and, here she is!

Val said it often over the last several years, “It’s so much better writing, working or studying with a cat sitting on your papers!” And so it is. But back to the wine.

In our glasses:

Steph: Yalumba Museum Muscat (NV), Museum Release Victoria Dessert Wine from Australia. This was brought over by Emily Kemme on Saturday night. We had an intimate dinner party, and she brought this fortified “sticky”.

Cathie: Mulderbosch Faithful Hound, a Bordeaux style blend with a cute backstory about the label.















Val: Henney’s Dry Cider from Herefordshire, UK. Interesting note, Herefordshire Cider production does have PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status and comes with definitive production regulations. Admittedly, cider is something Val doesn’t don’t know much about but was her first drinking companion before beer or wine about 25 years ago when she lived in England.

Discussion Topic:  

This week we had a long chat about wine labels, wine art, and the marketing of wine to consumers. Of course we’re not going to transcribe over an hour worth of audio (which we crunched down to barely under one hour). We can tell you there was an interesting discussion about how (generally) women and men are perceived by the marketing industry to base their wine purchases. Some of the references discussed in this show include:

Icon: Art of the Wine Label, by Jeff Caldewey

Wine Marketing & Sales: Success Strategies for a Saturated Market (Thach, Olsen & Wagner)

MARKETING WINES TO WOMEN: And Understanding How Male and Female Consumers Differ (Barletta) – paper


How about a geeky factoid about wine labels to wrap up? For example, According to Wine, A Cultural History by John Varriano, wine labels can be traced back to Egyptian tomb contents of Tutankhamun. Apparently there were jars of wine buried with him that contained, “… the location and proprietorship of the vineyard and name of the winemaker.” (Varriano, 2010). The sources upon which he’s drawing is King Tut’s Wine Cellar (1977) by Leonard H. Lesko, as well as Lesko’s essay, “Egyptian Wine Production During the New Kingdom” from The Origins and Ancient History of Wine, a collection of essays published in 1996 by “The Indiana Jones of Booze,” Patrick McGovern.

He then goes on later in the book to reference Jancis Robinson’s Oxford Companion to Wine as he reminds us that actual paper intended to market the wine wasn’t used for labeling attached to the bottles until the 1800s. Remember back in the Champagne episode … waaay back … when we talked about uniform bottle sizes and bottle glass? Yep, after all that.


Steph: We have new Wine Two Five swag!!!! Oh yes. Our T-shirts are super cool and super comfy. More details will be coming soon on how to get them. We only printed a few, so they are very limited. Keep checking our social media to see how you can get yours.

Cathie: Wine & Weed


Val: “My shoutouts go to fellow graduates that I spent a little time chatting with after the WSET Awards ceremony a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, Elisa (who was actually at the Bourbon and DC SWE conferences last year), Lenora and her husband Miles from Canada, Corrinne, Nupur and Sabina – also from Canada, and Mike, from the UK Bartender’s Guild.

“Also a shoutout to Joe Fattorini from the UK’s Wine Show TV and his lovely fiancee Christina (sp) – it was great meeting you both and chatting for a bit over Sherry before the awards portion of the evening.

“There were so many darned people there I wish I could have made it around the room to chat more.”

Cathie: “Miss Jane Nickels from SWE for being such an inspiration during the online class sessions!” Listeners, you may remember this hilarious episode where The Bubbly Professor joined the W25 ladies for a recording session that, literally, left our faces hurting from the laughter.

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