Episode 146: Top 10 Wine Two Five Podcast Re-wined

Episode 146: Top 10 Wine Two Five Podcast Re-wined

Sometimes we have to look back to go forward. In this episode we find out what it is listeners are downloading the most. We thank those of you who “nominated” your favorites. There were certainly some surprises (or “SLURPrises”), so we hope this is a fun guide to content most enjoyed over the past three seasons of Wine Two Five.  



In the Glasses – or Tea Cups This Week

Steph: I found that Gyokuro tea Lisa Airey was drinking a few episodes back. The 3.5oz/100g bag I bought was $39.95! Wowza! I was stoked when I found it, as you can imagine, especially because I bought here in Fort Collins at Ku Cha House of Tea. Gyokuro means “Jade Dew” in Japanese and this tea is regarded as the highest grade of green tea in Japan. The tea I’m drinking is from Hoshino, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Val: Well, when I heard you were drinking some Japanese tea, I thought I’d break out some Japanese Whisky. This is the Hakushu 12-year single malt. So it’s all malted barley, produced at the same distillery, but they used a combination of whiskies, both peated and non-peated, aged in American white oak (think Bourbon, like Scotch), and Sherry or Oloroso casks. This is about a $100 bottle, but I love that whisky (normally) lasts a while. The distillery, founded in 1973, is in the Yamanashi prefecture, which some of you may remember is where the Japanese wine industry originated in the late 19th century.

So in this spirit of zen, should we get into a mind-clearing place as we kick off this new year of podcasting? This is our first episode together of 2018!

Listener Favorites (4:47)

This segment is only about 10 minutes long (including Steph and Val recalling favorite moments), but it counts back YOUR favorite episodes. It’s like a “re-wined” rewind. Here’s a quick list, but you can easily do a search in the feed and give them a preview.

#10 … Episode 121: Being Wineful and Canadian Wine With Jordan Cowe, CWE 2017-08-02

#9 … Episode 107: Thirsty Nest and a Glacially Cool Factoid 2017-04-26

#8 … Episode 1: Does Wine Taste Better on Vacation? 2015-04-16

#7 … Episode 105: Thomas Jefferson’s Wine, W25’s Second Podcastiversary, & an Official Cocktail 2017-04-12

#6 … Episode 93: Grand Master Wine Geek, Yo 2017-01-13

#5 … Episode 131: Fall Fever & Celebrating the Season 2017-10-11

#4 … Episode 95: A Little Wine Label Bottle Babble With Side Hustle Wino 2017-02-02

#3 … Episode 111: The Millennial Wine Mind and Market 2017-05-24

#2 … Episode 113: Under the Influence of Joe Fattorini from Wine Show TV 2017-06-07

and the #1 downloaded episode, by far, (according to our Libsyn stats) is … Episode 110: Passion and Pinot – “Vertical” Book Review 2017-05-17

Listener comments (14:40)

There was a lively conversation on our private FaceBook page – Wine Two Five Community!

The comments are hilarious … with all the emoji!

Factoid (20:00)

Spanking. Yes, that’s right, this factoid is about why you should spank your herbs when mixing cocktails.

Here’s what you do and why. Place the sprig or leaves in between your hands and give them a firm slap. Naughty herbs! Do this to activate the essential oils and avoid crushing or bruising which causes the bitter-tasting chlorophyll to release. When you spank, you’ve taken your cocktail to the next level. Try this to spruce-up your next gin & tonic. You can even use this trick for non-alcoholic drinks that need a lift.

Winoradar (22:00)

Steph: This is rather our “podcast-radar”… since this episode we are making listening recommendations.

There is a new podcast documentary out on iTunes called Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary ($12.99 buy/ $4.99 rent). It was created by Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini of  The Comedy Film Nerds Podcast, so you know it will be funny.  It captures the personal connection podcasters have with their listeners. And that’s why we thought you might like it!

In addition, if you haven’t seen The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary, it is now available on Amazon Prime for renting and watching. We supported their crowdfunding campaign and love what Chris and John created in their film.

Even More Shoutouts (24:30)

Steph: couldn’t resist mentioning a few shoutouts from her recent trip to Queenstown, New Zealand.

  1. Michele (Misha) Wilkinson and her husband Andy – owners of Misha’s Vineyard
  2. Debbie Adams, who oversees business development on the South Island, from Prophet’s Rock Wines
  3. Robin Bush and the hospitality team at Matakauri Lodge

If she’s piqued your interest, check out her New Zealand photos and posts on our Wine Two Five Community page.

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Patreon Love (26:09)

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“TENacious Tasters”

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  • David in Scotland
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