Episode 129: A Toast to International Podcast Day!

Episode 129: A Toast to International Podcast Day!

Join us in celebrating International Podcast Day on 30 September. First, we toast. Then we lay down a little 411 on the history and motivation behind podcasting and International Podcast Day. This is what we call a 30-hour podcast happy hour celebrating the voices, stories, and communities that have emerged from behind the mics all over the world. Finally, some juicy wino radar bits, shoutouts and our monthly Patreon winner bring it all home. Grab your wine glass, beer mug, or a cocktail and raise ’em up for #InternationalPodcastDay!


In Our Glasses

Steph: 2011 Grignolino d’Asti from Cascina ‘Tavijn … and it is non-filtered, baby! But before I tell you a thing or two about this wine, I want to admit that I almost came to the mic with a non-alcoholic beverage. I’ve had a mini-detox the last 3 days. My European vacation was 100% glutinous! Yikes!

But since we are celebrating International Podcast Day, AND we are a wine podcast, I thought wine was in order. My glass is filled with the red Italian variety called Grignolino. It is an indigenous grape from Piedmont that makes pale, light reds with bitter cherry aromas. This is a new wine for me, and I opened it for dinner ton

ight… and like I said… for International Podcast Day!

Val: A repeat offender, but a delicious one. This is the Mauro Molino, Bricco Luciani Barolo, 2011. This is what was open after making home made meatballs and marinara with tomatoes, garlic, sage, and oregano from our garden. Life is short, drink Barolo whenever you can!


Main Discussion: International Podcast Day 2017

What it is

International Podcast Day is a celebration. What are we celebrating? Podcasting! This is a way to connect with other podcasters who love what we do, but we also are about sharing the shows we love. Podcasters and podcast fans are coming together in appreciation for the voices that are heard through podcasts, the sharing of great content, and bringing communities of people together.

Celebrate With Us!

Wine Two Five has listeners all over the world, and we wouldn’t have been connected if it weren’t for this medium. So, raise a glass this Friday, September 30th, to International Podcast Day with us, won’t you?

P.S. – Did you know you can send social media “Thank you” notes to your favorite hosts/shows?

But wait, what exactly is going on that day?

30-Hour Happy Hour?

Well, everything kicks off Friday night at 4 p.m. PDT. There will be a one hour presentation by the team (shout out to Dave Lee, whom we met at Podfest #PME17 back in February!). They’ll talk about the history of IPD and give us an opening day feeling.

Think of the opening ceremonies from the 2016 Olympics … but perhaps without Gisele Bündchen  in the blingy dress … unless there’s something we don’t know …

Between Friday night and Saturday night, there will be speakers from all over the world – Thailand, Australia, Zimbabwe, China, Ireland, the US, Finland and Ghana. There are subjects ranging from podcasting (‘how to’s, issues) to social topics regarding breaking glass ceilings and being heard, despite cultural resistance from your own society. Check out the live schedule!

Podcasting isn’t about just the people behind the mic – it’s also about getting stories out there. If there’s anything we’ve learned since we started this is that there are so many stories that are worthy of being told – and heard.

Speaking of Bling

Finally, the People’s Choice Podcast awards will be presented Saturday night at 5 p.m. PDT. We have many friends up for these awards, including our buddies over at We Like Drinking, and shows like Whisky Cast, Congressional Dish, Grammar Girl, and She Podcasts. There are a slew of finalists and new shows we’ve yet to even get our ears on. There is literally a podcast about everything on this page!

The Messengers

We also have to mention the documentary film about Podcasting called The Messengers by Chris Krimitsos! You can watch the trailer on the website and order the film on iTunes. It is a close look at podcasting and podcasters who tell their stories and bring meaning to their communities.

The best way we can explain it is for those of you wine lovers out there is to compare it to SOMM documentary (which we loved, by the way), but with microphones instead of wine glasses – and a lot less crying. Podcasting is something everyone can be involved in!

Other Podcasters/Podcasts on Our Show

We Like Drinking brothers – Jeff #1 and Jeff #2 – Jeff Eckles (Ep35) and Jeff Solomon (Ep49)

Amanda Doughty from Great Beer Adventure (Ep101)

Susan Kostrzewa from Wine Enthusiast (Ep82)



History of Podcasting

Podcasting started around 13 years ago in 2004 and the term podcast came from combining “iPod” with “broadcast”.

Yes! It was in 2004 the term “Podcasting” was first coined after Apple’s release of the iPod device.  Ben Hammersly, a journalist, was writing about the new technology in The Guardian, and the portable audio content was thereafter known as a “podcast.” (Hammersly, 2004).

Reference: Audible revolution. The Guardian. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/media/2004/feb/12/broadcasting.digitalmedia)

History of International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day kicked off in 2014 as the brain child of Steve Lee. Read more about how he got the idea and how it grew from there.

(As a side note, Wine Two Five started in 2015, and our first celebration was last year with this crazy video contribution.)


Wino Radar

Steph:  “During my trip, I consumed a little wine media here and there on the plane. I have to recommend the most recent episode (Sept 13) from Shift Drink about Vermouth, Amaro and Haus Alpenz with Jake Parrott. Reminds me of our episodes #20 and #21 when we covered the topic. Those guys are hilarious and crazy, over-the-top informative! FYI, it is explicit.

“I also watched a cute movie on the plane starring Diane Lane called Paris Can Wait. The French food, wine, more wine, and still more wine, make this romantic comedy a good movie to watch with a glass of wine on a chilly, Fall evening.”

Val: The Online Gin Joint! Saturday morning, October 7th, the fabulous Ms. Jane, The Bubbly Professor, will be doing an educational presentation on gin, complete with a taste-along. Com on, Saturday morning sipping gin with 60 – 70 of your closest online booze buddies? What’s better than that?! Information and shopping list is here: http://winewitandwisdomswe.com/2017/09/19/swes-online-gin-joint-save-the-date/



Steph:  “I want to give a shout-out to my Justin and Val’s John for encouraging us to keep this podcast going and being the pillars that we need each and every week. Thanks boys!”

Val: “Right. I think they’re just happy it keeps us off the streets.”

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