Episode 103: Whiskey Chat With Suzanne Redmond of Cask Magazine (Show Notes)

Episode 103: Whiskey Chat With Suzanne Redmond of Cask Magazine

Direct from Dublin, Ireland – via Cambeltown, Scotland – Features Editor for Cask Magazine, Suzanne (Suzi) Redmond, joins the ladies of W25 to fill us in on the hottest things under the Irish whiskey sun. A writer and contributor to the Malt Whiskey Year Book and Whiskey Magazine, Suzi also shares a passion for wine and gives us the lowdown on the Irish craft beer  – and moonshine – scenes as well. We hope you’ll pour a dram and join the ladies for a little “malt madness.” Sláinte ~ Cheers!



We’re chatting with Features Editor for the Cask Magazine, … Suzi Redmond

Suzanne is passionate about wine, beer and whiskey, not forgetting a love of food and travel. She has been a part of this industry for over 14 years, which has given her great insight into the Irish drinks industry whilst at the same time making many excellent connections. Suzanne has worked on level 4 in WSET during this time and regularly hosts tastings and staff training in these sectors. She also judges many food and drink competitions as well as regularly contributing to many magazines such as Whisky Magazine, Ferment and OMC. In 2016 she was added to the The Malt Whisky Year Book team.

Suzanne has been Features Editor for TheTaste.ie since it started in 2015, (which won Best Digital Food Magazine at the Gourmand Awards 2016) where she wrote the majority of articles, interviews, trips and tasting notes for the Drinks section amongst her many tasks at The Taste. She has since been head hunted to take on the Features Editor role with Ireland’s newest and quite exciting whiskey magazine, The Cask. More recently Suzanne has also taken on the role as Editor in Chief of he Cask Year Book 2018.

She has also worked with Cooley Distillery with the Teeling family which assisted her in her passion but also her immersion deep into the whiskey world. Suzanne has also been a member of the Irish Whiskey Society since its formation and in the last few years has taken on a senior role within the committee.


Although Suzi is based in Dublin, she was actually Skyping with us from Campbeltown, Scotland where she had been touring Scotch whisky distilleries. Funny enough, Campbeltown is a bit remote, and she was able to find a hotel with wi-fi where she squirreled away in the reception area in order to talk with us.

Like many people in the beverage industry, he got her start in the wine and wine writing world was an unintentional surprise. In fact, her original profession is in accounting, which she says benefits her in the business of alcohol and understanding how the industry functions.

Not only did Suzi give us the lowdown on Irish whiskey, but also craft beer, moonshine and the local farm to table – provenance – culture of dining in Ireland. Whether you eat at home or out, chances are the menu will tell you exactly where the ingredients came from and who provided them!

She also shared her #WhiskeyOops story – our very first of its kind – about her interaction with a legendary distiller. You won’t want to miss her telling the story, so be sure to listen to the entire episode!

Where you can find Suzi Redmond:

She is on Twitter and Instagram as “SuzisGrapeCrush” and her blog of the same name:  suzisgrapecrush.wordpress.com

Her whiskey articles are also featured in in The Cask (downloadable for free!) Magazine.


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