Episode 101: Breakfast Beer With Amanda from the Great Beer Adventure Podcast!

Episode 101: Beer, it’s not just for breakfast anymore! 

What is a breakfast beer? Amanda Doughty from the Great Beer Adventure Podcast joins us for a morning happy hour to fill us in on this whole breakfast beer thing. During a witty poolside conversation Amanda lays down some righteous 411 that will help you drink better beer, anytime, anywhere. Raise your glasses and breakfast sandwiches, because it’s not five o’clock and, well, we don’t care!

In our glasses:

Well, beer. Beer is in our glasses!

This one is Free Dive IPA from a local Florida brewer, Coppertail Brewing Company in Tampa. It was certainly bright and citrusy to wash down the breakfast sandwiches.

Discussion Topic:

Breakfast Beer!

While we were at Podfest Multimedia Expo (#PME17) in Orlando, we met up with Amanda from the Great Beer Adventure Podcast. She joins the W25 ladies for a morning happy hour at the hotel bar. Well, we were ready to start recording just after 1030, but guess what the hotel’s only open snack shop wouldn’t sell us before 11 a.m.? Beer. So we nibbled on *meh* breakfast sandwiches until the bar opened.

First, a little bit about Amanda: Amanda Doughty, the founder and host of Great Beer Adventure, a podcast that examines the stories behind the craft brewing industry, lives in Maine with her amazingly supportive husband and totally awesome little girls! With each episode of Great Beer Adventure, Amanda takes her listeners deeper into the creative and passionate culture that is the craft beer community. Amanda feels that she has found her calling behind the mic and is truly loving the adventure!

Since we at W25 live by the philosophy that “It’s not 5 o’clock and we don’t care”, so we are so down with the concept of breakfast beer it isn’t freaking funny.

Was there a traceable beginning of the breakfast beer – if we can be so brave as to call it such — movement? It started with college students who needed a little “hair of the dog” but was proliferated by beer geeks. Ingredients like oats and coffee promulgate the image of a beer being breakfast worthy. While aromas like bananas are accredited to the fermentation process, their presence also can qualify a beer for the breakfast category, if we can, indeed, call it a category.

Stephanie also brought up the Cerealiously beers from Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins where they brew beer with breakfast cereals (think French Toast Crunch). They also have an Earl Gray Saison on tap, so one could see sipping that before noon, yes?

Podcasting in the Wild

We were so intrigued by the way Amanda creates her show on the go. Her mobile set-up drew serious envy from Val, especially as we’ve been interviewing via our iPhones like a couple of dorks since the Wine Two Five Podcast’s inception. Amanda designed her ability to be mobile based on the frequent need to set up on a barrel. She also has a custom leather harness that allows her to practically wear her portable equipment while leaving a hand free to hold a beer.

She filled us in on her mobile beer adventures and gave us an idea what she has coming up as far as cities, breweries & what’s on her “beer radar.” She also had some wise words for those who either don’t like beer or have found themselves in a “crappy” beer rut, as well as how to try new beers that will work for your taste!


Have a Beer With Amanda

We had a great time chatting with her, and cannot wait for her to haul her harness and microphone out here to Colorado, which is craft beer heaven!  But in the meanwhile, you can find her here:


She’s also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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