Episode 100: Celebrating With Wine, History and Your Voice! Show Notes, Clips, Goodies

Episode 100: Celebrating With Wine, History and Your Voice! 

This week we are celebrating 100 episodes with a glance back at the state of the wine world 100 years ago. After a quick look at the 1917 vintage we give a Wino Radar nod to the future with an historic US winery celebrating 100 years. Also, we have a shout out to the humble beginnings of our podcast, recorded listener comments, and more good news for our expanding wine loving community. We hope you’ll click, sip, and stay for the party!

In Our Glasses:

Val:   Domaine Jaeger DeFaix, Rully, Premier Cru Clos du Chapitre, 2013. Remember back in the fall we talked about the different styles and quality levels of Burgundy or Bourgogne? Wines labeled Premier Cru represent about 10 – 12 % of production.

Steph:  NV Pol Roger Brut Reserve Champagne ($45 ish). Just something celebratory and special that I don’t buy or drink often. I popped the cork just before podcasting, made a little bit of a mess because I was excited, and toasted to 100 straight weeks of podcasting. Justin was cracking up that I made such a mess in the kitchen. And since my Skype was being a pain-in-the-ass, I’m glad I have the bottle sitting next to me.

Discussion Topic: Episode 100!

We thought it would be fun to hear from some of our listeners. For example, Lynn left us this voicemail on speakpipe about why she supports the show.

Clay chimes in also:

Also, we were happy to hear from Andrew who uses Wine Two Five like a study buddy on the go.

Announcement of our private FaceBook group called Wine Two Five Community. Look for it, join us there, and ask questions, talk to other Wine Two Five listeners privately. You will still see our Wine Two Five regular FaceBook public page and hang with us there too. We just wanted to offer a private community for you… like a hangout… or private party. Let’s chat wine, share photos, advice, pearls of wisdom… all that good stuff that is best when shared. The private FaceBook group will allow more conversations and more fun.


Factoid: 100 years ago, what was happening in the wine world

Well, World War I was raging, but believe it or not there was still plenty of wine being made! In fact, some of the best wines from that year, according to Tastingbook.com, were from Portugal (and you can still buy some of these, by the way). The most highly rated wine that you can buy from that year was from Bodegas Vega Sicilia, the Unico, from Ribera del Duero. Also grand wines during that grey time in history were the Chateau Latour, Cheval Blanc & Guiraud and the Marques de Riscal Reserva from Rioja.

Also raging in 1917 was the third battle of Champagne (17-20 April). It was also known as the Battle of the Hills. Despite the destruction of the vineyards and wineries happening in Champagne, it too was not a bad vintage.

Read more about the importance of wine to the soldier (poilu)The Drinks Business. during the war in this piece from

Other cool wine read:


Steph: This lines up perfectly with our 100th episode. While flipping through the recent issue of The SOMM Journal, she saw the ad for the San Antonio Winery (established in 1917) in Los Angeles, CA and their special limited edition Centennial red blend wine. How cool! Their winery survived prohibition and still produces quality wines today!

Val: Did you know our first episode released on April 16th 2015? Well we (as of the recording of episode 100) are only 6 weeks away from that date … which means Wine Two Five will be starting our 3rd year of podcasting! Please reach out to us privately or publicly if you want to meet-up for a celebratory drink in Colorado or you may want to send us something to talk about on the show (book, gadget, wine, etc.). Don’t forget, the new private FaceBook group is there to communicate with us and other listeners.


Friend and fellow wine professional, Andrea Rogers, deserves acknowledgment and a round of applause for bringing Val and Steph together. If it weren’t for Andrea, organizing a CWE study group back in 2014, this podcast would never exist. Crazy, eh?!

Andrea currently works for Colorado Creative Beverage Marketing but used to work for The Winebow Group and that’s how she connected us. Val stalked knew her from some local wine events in Colorado Springs, and Steph met her at the Steamboat Wine Festival back in 2007. Making these lasting relationships is priceless, people. You never know what one connection will turn into!

Andrea Vinci Rogers, Certified Specialist in Wine, Level 1 from the Guild of Master Sommeliers, and WSET Level III Advanced.  She is a proud native of Colorado with over 15 years experience in the wine industry, and wine is her passion.  She has worked at all capacities of the wine industry including 5 years at the distributor level and 7 years with a major fine wine importer.  When she is not sharing her love and knowledge of wine with consumers, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 15 years, Brad and her 2 young children.

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